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Welcome to my Web Site!

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at California State University, Sacramento. Before joining the University (in Fall 2006), I taught at Whittier College, and USC where I got my Ph.D. (2005).  My research interests are in stochastic optimal control, mathematical finance, applied probability and statistics.

Fall 2015 Teaching. I am currently on my sabbatical leave and will NOT be teaching during the fall semester.

Spring 2015 Teaching. TBA.

STAT I students:  The students are required to pass the IAD test or show the proof of a passing score from an advanced Mathematics course (e.g. college level Calculus, or PreCalculus taken at CSUS). Please sign up at if you haven't taken/passed the test yet. If you are not able to enroll online before the classes start, you may consider attending the first class meeting to be on the waiting list. We cannot enroll you directly before then. For the textbook information, visit the website for the schedule of classes of Stat courses, then click on the book for the section that you are enrolled and contact your instructor for more details.

Summer School Teaching (2015).  Stat 1:  MTWR,  10:30 am-12:05 pm. The students enrolled can check SacCT for course related information.

More on Teaching


Summer Research Program for Undergraduate Students at CSUS

International Conference on Mathematical Finance and Economics

The Statway Project


Contact Information:

     Office:  BRH 136, (916) 278-6221

     Office Hours:  M W F, 11-11:50 am (also by appointment)



     Mailing address:        

     Department of Mathematics and Statistics

     California State University Sacramento

     6000 J Street

     Sacramento, CA, 95819-6051


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