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Corin Choppin is a 10 year veteran in the Sacramento Political Scene. He combines his experience in Market Research Methodology, Fundraising, and Campaign Organizing to affect Public Policy and get people elected. Corin represents over 20 clients at all levels of government in the Sacramento Region. He is a partner in Capitol Campaigns since 2007.

Corin got over 25 clients elected, passed 10 school bonds, built a data base of 20,000 donors and raised over three million dollars for local candidates and non-profit agencies. He is passionate about building communities, helping elected officials win their campaigns and serve their constituencies.

Corin got his start working for distinguished public figures like Assemblyman Dickinson and Councilmember Tretheway. In 2002 as the campaign manager for the successful Rancho Cordova Cityhood campaign he channeled civic pride into a 77.6% win for incorporation. As a Regional Director of California Young Democrats from 2002 to 2006 Corin increased the region from 2 chapters to 8, while growing his home chapter to one of the biggest in the state.

Corin has excellent computer and network expertise, he has written multiple Access Database’s from scratch including a voter tracking database that has been used by over 100 campaigns, a fundraising database and a productivity tracking database for tracking survey interviewers. He is proficient in C, C++, Java, VB and HTML.

Corin is President of Green Democrats, Vice President of Somerset Parkside Homeowners Association, a member of the Sacramento Democratic Party and a Board Member of the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS).

Specialties:Corin’s expertise as a Survey Phone Room Floor Supervisor combined with his statistical training in market research methodology, data mining techniques and campaign organizing gives him a depth in the field, and an ability to efficiently translate data derived from polls into winning campaigns, which few pollsters possess.