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June 26, 2005

Edited by E. Hanson-Smith

Topics broached

Hugs and greetings
Why we like blogs
Why Daf now feels comfortable with blogs
EdTech Talk & Worldbridges
Creating Slideshows with Flickr
Jeff Cooper's PowerPoint presentation draft
Discussion of Dave Sperling and Dennis Oliver

Websites mentioned during this chat (in order mentioned)

Sus's Xanga blog:
The Confederation Bridge (Daf's students):
Daf's Live Journal blog:
Knowplace Moodle (Christine):
Daf's photos with Sus's contributions:
EdTech Talk & Worldbridges (Jeff Lebow):

Daf's main photo page in Flickr:
Daf's slideshow in Flickr (click on  View Slideshow):

Cyber Bridges blog (Dennis):
Sus'sFlickr presentation for Daf's architecture students:

The Math Forum (David Winet):
NECC conference schedule of events:

Jeff Cooper's PowerPoint presentation on collaborating online
(despite the warning, it does work on Macs:

or dowload:
WiA Conference site:
Interview with Dave Sperling:

Dave's ESL Cafe site:
The Student Lists:

The Teachers guide to the Student Lists:

Room: TI_Reception

ElizabethH joined the room.
ElizabethH: Hi Maggi and Lee
Maggi: Hi Elizabeth
ElizabethH: Are the Webheads meeting today?
Maggi: yes
Maggi: it's on the calendar
SusanneN joined the room.
SusanneN: hello hello
ElizabethH: Hello sus--I was just enjoying your Xanga blog
Maggi hugs Sus
SusanneN hugs Maggi Elizabeth and Lee
SusanneN: I like blogging moreand more
SusanneN: works well for a lazy person like myself
ElizabethH: I find I am mostly talking to myself in a blog, though.
ElizabethH: Why do you like it, Sus?
DafneG joined the room.
DafneG hugs and kissses everybody on both cheeks
Maggi hugs Daf
DavidWe joined the room.
DavidWe hugs Maggi
DavidWe waves to all
SusanneN: Hello Daf!!
DavidWe: Hi, folks
DafneG hugs David
DavidWe hugs Susanne
SusanneN: Hello David
AnnaK joined the room.
DavidWe hugs Daf
DavidWe waves to Anna
DavidWe: Hi, Anna. Welcome
DafneG hugs Anna
AnnaK: hi everybody
SusanneN hugs david daf & anna
Maggi hugs David and Anna
DafneG . o O ( I love this early morning hugging )
ElizabethH: Hi Anna, David, and Daf!
ElizabethH: Looks like a quorum.
AnnaK: hi

Why we like blogs

SusanneN: Elizabeth asks why I like blogs, good question
DavidWe hopes it is a quorum
SusanneN: for myself, they're easy to write
DavidWe wonders if Susanne likes bogs, too
SusanneN: and I find so many relevant and interesting blogs writtne by
DavidWe is SERIOUSLY outnumbered
DafneG: My students are starting to like blogs ;-)
Maggi: relax David
DavidWe calms down
Maggi: they hug not bite
RobertWB joined the room.
DafneG: I have always liked them. But I did not feel very comfortable
Maggi: hi Bob
DavidWe waves to Bob
AnnaK: hi bob
DafneG: hi Bob
DavidWe: Señor Bob
ChristinLo joined the room.
SusanneN: although I am writing blogs in a personal language about my
first hand expereinces and discoveries, , I would never write anything
bthat was not meant for being read in public, Elizabeth
Maggi: moralm support for David
DafneG: finally, I feel comfortable
SusanneN: bob the Elder!
RobertWB: Hello to all on this fine? day.
DavidWe concurs with Maggi
DafneG waves hi to Christin
SusanneN: hello Christine!!
Maggi: Hi Christine
ChristinLo waves to everyone here
DavidWe: brb
ChristinLo: Susan, you were talking about blogs?
Maggi folllllws David to get bagel
DafneG: btw, I put The Confederation Bridge pictures in Flickr
ChristinLo: I'm at Knowplace , Open weekend Course, about RSS
DafneG: oh sorry that is my LiveJournal blog
RobertWB: How is that class going for you Christin.
ChristinLo: The class good, but it's brand new for me, and a little
DafneG: I read that Sus learned everything about RSS in that class

Why Daf feels comfortable with blogs

ElizabethH: Daf--why do you feel comfortable now?
ElizabethH: with blogs, I mean?
RobertWB: It takes a bit to get your brain around it all, doesn't it..
DafneG: because I found LiveJournal which I find much more friendly
than blogger.
JeffLe joined the room.
RobertWB: But such exercises keep us from things like Alzheimers later
in life.
ChristinLo: Yes, I have to practice!
DafneG waves hi to Jeff
Maggi: true Bob
JeffLe: Good Morning all
Maggi: especially the men
DafneG: I feel oppresssed in blogger
RobertWB: Christin, I hope you and the rest of the group will join me
next weekend at Knowplace for Search Engines, Folksonomy, Tagging and
RobertWB: Hi Jeff.
ChristinLo: Bob, I will drown, new terminology again!
DafneG: anyway I am using my blogger too: I
blogged Sus' screenshot of her presentation for my arch. students
RobertWB: Oh but good stuff all of it, Chirstin.
DennisOl joined the room.
AmyDw joined the room.
DafneG waves hi to Dennis
Maggi: Hi Dennhis
DafneG: hi Amy
RobertWB: Hello, Dennis and Amy
AmyDw: hi
DennisOl waves to Daf
DennisOl: Hi, Robert
Maggi waves to Amy
AmyDw: I am just figuring out how to use all this :-)
SusanneN: we do, Amy
DennisOl: Hi, Maggi
RobertWB: Be patient Amy, it will all come to you.
DafneG: Welcome to Tapped In, Amy and to Webheads
SusanneN: hello Dennis & Amy
ChristinLo: I'll wear a life jacket, Bob!
ElizabethH: The architecture presentation was terrific--Daf!
ElizabethH: Thanks for sharing all the good stuff with us.
DennisOl: Hi, Sus. Thanks for the comment on the browser you used.
SusanneN: it was such fun to participate Daf
RobertWB: Kewl...I will toss out inflatable ducks for anyone that feels
they are in over their heads.
DennisOl: Yes, Daf. You've done some amazing things.
SusanneN smiles to Dennis, that
RobertWB: You will be surprised how much you are already using all the
things in the course.
DafneG: thanks, guys
SusanneN: that's what blog conmments< are for
Maggi . o O ( Bob used kewl )
ChristinLo smiles
DennisOl: Sus: Definitely! I've added another section to the "Cyber
Bridges" blog, BTW.
DennisOl smiles back at Christin
DafneG: my students are amazed at my international friends ;-)
DennisOl: I'm amazed at your international friends, too!
SusanneN: it was inetresting to know that your students met us teacher
veterans as beginner users as well
DennisOl: . . . and at your students' thoughts.
RobertWB: I suspect your students are just amazed with you, Daf....and
they shoulld rirghtfully be so.

EdTech Talk & Worldbridges
[At this point several Webheads moved to the conference site
while touching bases occasionally at TI]

JeffLe: Just want to let everyone know that EdTech Talk is going on the
air earlier than usual - in 10 minutes. Our guest is Nick Noakes from
HongKong. We'll be talking about electronic portfolios, digital
storytelling, and his thoughts from the recent New Media Consortium's Summer
Conference .
DennisOl: Jeff: Sounds wonderful! I wish I could bilocate!
DafneG: we can listen while being here, I guess

Creating slideshows with Flickr

SusanneN: they said after session one that they had got new ideas on
how to create their own presentations; that's why I decided to solve some
techical constraints I was having, by making my presentation in Flickr
RobertWB: Jeff can you tell the group how to log on for that?
DafneG: yes, I told them they could use photostory, buzznet photoblog,
blogs, web pages, and whatever
JeffLe: oh yeah. thanks.
ElizabethH: Sus--you can make presentations in Flickr? Howso?
DafneG: but they had not seen Flikr used for that
DavidWe . o O ( Not THE Nick Noakes?!? )
ChristinLo: Dennis, could you give the url of the Cyberbridge blog, I
want to add RSS!
AnnaK left the room (signed off).
AnnaK joined the room.
DennisOl: Christin: Just a minute . . .
SusanneN: Elizabeth, I cretaed an album and showed it as a slide whow
in Elluminate
DafneG: we could include sound links in Flickr, too
DafneG: that's the photo album I created with the photos sent by
Stewart Nelson
DafneG: for my students
DafneG: he was one of the designers of the Confederation Bridge in
CAnada, and he came to talk to my students
SusanneN: with sound links in Flickr you have a near perfect
presentation tool
IngridBr joined the room.
SusanneN: have not tried that myself yet though
DafneG: and you can leave messages like in Buzznet
AmyDw left the room (signed off).
DafneG: hi Ingrid
SusanneN: hello Ingrid, welcome
IngridBr: Hi everybody
RobertWB: Hello Ingrid.
DafneG: this is the real url to the photoalbum

Cyber Bridges - WorldBridges
[at this point, many Webheads were over in WorldBridges chatting and listening]

DennisOl: Hi, Ingrid!
DennisOl: Christin: The URL for the "Cyber Bridges" forms blog is here:
ChristinLo: thanks!
RobertWB: Those are some terrific shots of the bridge, daf
DavidWe waves to Ingrid
DavidWe . o O ( Wie Geht's? )
DennisOl smiles at Christin
IngridBr waves back
IngridBr . o O ( gut danke )
DavidWe smiles
DennisOl: The draft of the Call for Proposals form is in its third
revision, BTW.
DavidWe reminds everyone that Elvis is on Philadelphia radio - 98.1 FM
- if they have access
DavidWe . o O ( for 2 more hours )
DavidWe hums along
Maggi: Hallo Ingrid....schön dich zu sehen
MichaelAC joined the room.
DavidWe wonders if there are Elvis songs sung in German
DavidWe wves to Michael
SusanneN: my flickr presentation set about bridges, for Daf's class,
is at
DavidWe: Hi, MIchael. Welcome
MichaelAC: Hi there everyone
SusanneN: mello Michael!!!
DennisOl: Hi, Michael.
DavidWe . o O ( mello? )
Maggi: yes David
DavidWe nods
SusanneN: so good to see you
DavidWe . o O ( mellow Yellow - Donovan )
MichaelAC: v mello :)
AnnaK: hi Michael
DafneG waves hi michael
Maggi: Hi mc
DavidWe forgets to offer bagels, etc. to everyone
DavidWe . o O ( even whitefish )
DavidWe smiles
SusanneN: Michael, we also need to talk soon, about teh Nordic <voice
project, but summer holiday in the Nordic hemisphere has caught the team
Maggi gives mc a hug
MichaelAC: I understand Sus. Maybe we can meet when it gets coole
SusanneN: now that the WIAbeta conference will run one week later, I
was thinking perhaps we could<create some synergy
MichaelAC: That would seem like an obvious thing to do - yes
DennisOl gives a thumbs-up to Sus for the Flickr sets
DennisOl passes around poppy-seed kolach to go with the bagels and
RobertWB: Im sorry, Sus, I did not know the dates had changed.
SusanneN: Dennis, I created these because I was having problems w´ith
my Power point slides on Mac for Elluminate
MichaelAC left the room (signed off).
MichaelAC joined the room.
MichaelAC left the room (signed off).
DennisOl: Understood, Sus.
Maggi slaps a slice of whitefish on her bagel
SusanneN: I know nothing about changed dates Bob?
Maggi grabs some kolach too
DavidWe . o O ( kolach? )
SusanneN: the Nordic voice conference will run from November 7 to 12
DavidWe: It's pretty good whitefish, by the way
Maggi: here...try it
DavidWe: Will Odin be there, Sus?
DavidWe winks
DavidWe: Thanks, Maggi
Maggi: open wide
SusanneN smiles to David and his excellent wit
ElizabethH: Hey guys--We're listening in at Worldbridges
Maggi puts a piece in David's mouth
SusanneN: where can I go to Worldbridges and listen, I
DennisOl: kolach is a round, rolled bread--sort of like a jellyroll.
SusanneN: 'I'm behind with this
DavidWe: Oh!
DavidWe: Could be good
DavidWe wonders if it goes with fish
ElizabethH: Here's the address, but you will need to register:
RobertWB: There is also a chat area now at worldbridges.
SusanneN: I could not eat fish on bagels
DennisOl: David: Not really because it's sweet. It's tasty, though.
ElizabethH: They are just starting on "electronic portfolios" as a
Maggi: and you are Danish Sus!
DennisOl: Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm not up for multi-modality at the
moment, but will go to Worldbridges later.
ElizabethH: Where is the chat area?
DafneG: I am there too
DafneG: you can chat either in Skype or in the chat area (nav bar on
the left)
Maggi: there is a link Elizabeth
DavidWe wonders what is wrong with Susanne
DafneG: I am just listening, reading here, and reading Dennis' blog
SusanneN: Maggi, bagels are not common in Denmark, I consider that as
DavidWe: You have bread, though, right, Sus?
SusanneN: aren't they sweet bakery?
Maggi: they are not sweet Sus
DavidWe smiles
SusanneN: I see
DennisOl: Daf: You and Tere had some very good comments and
suggestions. I've started to implement them (in revision 3 of the Call form).
DavidWe: ic
SusanneN: I've never eaten one myself. now back to the webcast
DafneG: thanks, Dennis. I am reading your new entries ;-)
Maggi: they are like a rill with a hole in the middle
DennisOl smiles at Daf
RobertWB: Ive reduced my screen sizes in both and can keep up with the
audio and both text windows.
Maggi: roll*
ElizabethH: Got into the chat too.
RobertWB: I see Anna, Elizabeth and myself...Fiesta revistied
AnnaK: ;)
MichaelAC joined the room.
MichaelAC: Back again
SusanneN: wb michael
DennisOl: Hi again, Michael.
DafneG: wb, michael
RobertWB: Hi Michael.
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
SusanneN joined the room.
DavidWe . o O ( wb, Sus )
ElizabethH: I keep getting "welcome" from an automated voice in
worldbirdges--what a pain.
DafneG: wb sus
SusanneN: lost connection
DavidWe: No, you lost your connection?
DafneG: it sounds everytime someone joins the room, eliz
ElizabethH: aha
SusanneN: I was listning in world bridges but got disconneceted there
as well
DavidWe: They are very welcoming?
DafneG: Sus, when will we have the link to the LT pres
MichaelAC: Where is this world bridges room? Are some of you there now?
DennisOl: BRB
DavidWe . o O ( capitals! )
ElizabethH: Hi Michael--we are at the WorldBridges conference out of
Hong Kong.
MichaelAC: Thanlls Bob
DavidWe would like to go to Hong Kong for real
RobertWB: You are welcome
MichaelAC: Vance just said hi via Yahoo from HK airport!
DavidWe . o O ( show off! )
SusanneN: Daf, I don't know, we could ask Hope
RutyH joined the room.
DavidWe waves to Ruty
DavidWe: Hi, Ruty. Welcome
AmyDw joined the room.
RobertWB: Hi Ruty.
DavidWe: Hi, Amy, Welcome
SusanneN: oh, that's where he is today
DavidWe: LEt us know if you all have questions. Several of us are
HelpDesk volunteers
SusanneN: hello Ruty and Amy
SusanneN has to move away to get some coffee, any takers? Milk or
DafneG: say hi to Vance on my behalf
DavidWe: Coffee with milk, PLEASE!
DafneG: plain for me, Sus, pls
DavidWe: Say "salaam alecheim" to Vance, also
ElizabethH: That's funny--Vance is in HK and WorldBridges is coming out
of HK, too.
MichaelAC: Vance has jumped on a shuttle to HK city so he's gone
DavidWe: Oh, damn!
DavidWe grins
RutyH: hello to all and we say here SHALOOM
MichaelAC: Is the world bridges thing talking about Digital
Storytellijg at the moment? Am I in the rght place?
RobertWB: Shaloom Ruty.
RobertWB: are at the right place
MichaelAC: Cool.
MichaelAC: Who's talking?
DennisOl: Hi, Ruty and Amy.
DavidWe: Shalom, Ruty. Are you a teacher?
DennisOl: Aleichem Shalom, Ruty!
AmyDw: hi again :-) I feel bad popping in and out while I figure out
what is going on ...
LeeB left the room (signed off).
DavidWe: Not a problem, Amy. You've just wandered in to a meeting of
the WebHeads
RobertWB: Dont worry about it Amy, are you having problems...
RutyH: I am weiting for Amy and Cristina T to join me on a
DavidWe . o O ( Teachers of English as a Second Language, mostly )
DavidWe nods to Ruty
DavidWe: Are you a teacher, Amy?
RutyH: yes David I am a teacher from Israel
AmyDw: yes
AmyDw: computer to elementary students in Delaware USA
DennisOl: Have you heard of Elaine Hoter, Amy?
DavidWe: I'm on my way to Phiadelphia for the start of the NECC
AmyDw: I will be there too
DavidWe: I'm in Bucks County right now, near Newtown
DavidWe: Me, too
DennisOl: Oops--I meant that question for Ruty.
AmyDw: wow
DavidWe: I'm giving a Birds of a Feather (BoaF) session on Wednesday -
math and technology -
DavidWe: We'll try to "Blow it" into TappedIn, too
AmyDw: I am working with contingent from IEARN
DavidWe . o O ( Live from NECC )
DavidWe: Oh, cool. I know Ed Gragert who works at the NY office of
AmyDw: yep
SusanneN: sounds interesting David
AmyDw: some of the folsk wil be staying at my house
AmyDw: folks
DavidWe: Of course it is interesting, Sus. Otherwise....
RutyH: what is David doing?
DavidWe: Cool stuff, Ruty, always
DavidWe smiles
DavidWe: Friend of mine teaches Ottoman History at Tel Aviv University
DavidWe: We were in college together
RutyH: my English is poor. what do you mean?
MichaelAC left the room (signed off).
DavidWe: I work with math teachers mostly - helping them learn to use
DavidWe hopes Ruty understands that
DavidWe: There's a big web site that we began 13 years ago - the Math
Forum -
DavidWe: I've been going to the NECC conference for close to 10 years,
I think
ElizabethH: Sounds good, David--NECC conference, I mean.
RutyH: I am working with science teachers helping them to use ICT
DavidWe: What do you teach, Ruty?
DavidWe: Sorry, bad timing, there
DavidWe nods to Elizabeth
DavidWe: Mostly teachers for school students or universities?
RutyH: I teach scuence: biology, chemistry and phisiks
DavidWe: I was a chemistry major in college
DavidWe knows some biology and physics, too
DennisOl: Ruty: Have you heard of Elaine Hoter?
Maggi: Andy Carvin and David Carvitt have linked podcasts and blogs to
the conference Elizabeth
RutyH: so go and see about "boil boil and troy"
Maggi: wrong last name
Maggi: David Warlick
RutyH: Dennis, who is Eliane? do you think about a girl from Lebanon?
JamesSB joined the room.
DavidWe: Right, David's a cool guy
DavidWe: But I've known Andy for over 10 years - he started the WWWEDU
mailing list and web page
DavidWe waves to James
DavidWe: Hi, James. Welcome
JamesSB waves to everyone.... looks at his watch
JamesSB: sorry I'm only an hour late!
DennisOl: Ruty: As far as I know, Elaine is still at Talpiot College.
She started a teacher-training site in the early to mid 1990s. She was
an Internet pioneer in Israel.
DavidWe: If any wants me to check particular things out at NECC (about
ESL/EFL) let me know -
DavidWe: That's the schedule of events
RutyH: how do I go to speek with Cristina and Amy in a privat room?
DavidWe: Make the (Internet) desert bloom
DavidWe: You can have a private chat with either one of them, Ruty, or
both of them
DavidWe: Or....
DavidWe: You can go to another "room" in TappedIn
RutyH: yes but how?
DavidWe: Thanks for joining the TappedIn community, by the way, Ruty
DavidWe: Well, to have a private message with someone...
DennisOl: David: I'll send you e-mail with things to look for.
DavidWe: click once on their name in the list of names, to the left of
the chat area...
DavidWe nods to Dennis
DavidWe: Please do, Dennis
BjB joined the room.
DavidWe hugs Bj
DavidWe: Morning, Mrs. Berquist
Maggi hugs BJ
RutyH: Thanks!
DavidWe: and then, Ruty,
DavidWe: click the little face icon at the bottom of the list of names
Maggi: double click Ruty
BjB hugs warmly
DavidWe . o O ( you can also double click on a name, as Maggi mentioned
SusanneN hugs Bj warmly, so long time no see you!
ElizabethH: Hugs, BJ
DavidWe gets more cream cheese for his 2nd half bagel
JamesSB realizes he hasn't had lunch yet!
Maggi swipes some with her finger
DavidWe: Hey, there's more...
JamesSB goes to the kitchen to get something to nibble on
RutyH: I feel as if I have a cammera there
DavidWe combs his hair if Ruty is taking out his camera
DavidWe: I think this is a clean t-shirt
RutyH: Ruty is "she"
SusanneN: this is a very lively room on Sunday mornings!
DennisOl: Hi, BJ.
DennisOl: message sent, David.
Maggi: oopps...David took his glasses off
BjB waves hi to Dennis and Ruty
DennisOl waves back, smile on face
BjB: welcome to the Tapped In community, Ruty
AmyDw: this is really fasicnating! I think I sent a private message to
Ruty but not sure :-) Hope to meet some of you at NECC :-)
AmyDw: thanks for your help..
BjB: hi, Amy! From Delaware:-)
AmyDw: hi
RutyH: Hello Amy, now we wait for CristinaT
BjB . o O ( I'm originally from Delaware, now in south central PA )
DavidWe waves to Amy
AmyDw: oh - too funny
DavidWe is getting ready to go to Philly
BjB: my mom and brother live in Middletown, DE
DavidWe: I'll see you guys later on
RobertWB: HYi BJB
AmyDw: so we could be around the corner from each other
DavidWe: I have a bank account in Wilmington
DafneG hugs BJ
BjB: yep
BjB waves hi to Bob
BjB hugs Daf and Sus
Maggi: you can't do like at Yahoo Ruty and have a private message with
more than one at a time
BjB . o O ( I'm not quite awake yet...too excited about NECC to sleep
last night )
AmyDw: oh
Maggi: not together but separate
AmyDw: Stop by the International Reception sponsored by IEARN -
BjB welcomes Amy to the TI community also
AidenY joined the room.
RutyH: So if we have to talk what is the way?
DennisOl: Hi, Aiden.
AidenY: hello webheads
Maggi: here
AmyDw: can we make a new group?
DavidWe waves to Aiden
SusanneN hugs Aiden!
Maggi: or an individual private message
BjB: oh, cool, Amy. Linda Ullah does a monthly discussion on global
projects and frequently discusses iEarn
DavidWe waves bye
DavidWe: Ciao, folks. I'm off to Philly
Maggi: or you have to go somewhere else
DavidWe . o O ( wb, Aiden )
AidenY: hi there again
BjB hugs David. See you later
SusanneN: bye David, have fun!
DennisOl: I enjoyed your communication with Teresa's students at "Have
Fun with English," Aiden. And I think CJ must've been one of their
favorite visitors!
DavidWe: Thanks, Sus
DavidWe left the room (signed off).
DafneG hugs Aiden
SusanneN: I loved to listen to young CJ playing the recorder
DennisOl: Yes, I enjoyed that, too.
SusanneN: he was so focused and hard working
JeffC joined the room.
AidenY: Hi Denis, CJ also had a fun time recording.
AidenY hugs daf back
DennisOl: I bet he did, Aiden!
SusanneN: hello good ol
SusanneN: good old Jeff!
Maggi waves to Jeff
DennisOl: Hi, Jeff.
AidenY: CJ's now preparing for his final exams [this week]
RutyH: Amy we have to have her e- mail
Maggi: uo early Jeff
Maggi: up
JeffC waves... yup
DennisOl: Tell CJ Yeh-yeh Dennis wishes him luck!
DennisOl: (Some of my Taiwanese students call me Yeh-yeh.)
SusanneN: Amy & Ruty, why don't you get a private office?
DennisOl smiles
AidenY: I will Denis. Do you know what it means?
DennisOl: Yes--grandpa.
AidenY: lol, yes!
DennisOl: ^o^
SusanneN: aha, so a single Yeh means father?
AidenY: no, sus, Yeh means 'leaf'
ElizabethH: Hi Aiden!

Jeff Cooper's PowerPoint presentation

JeffC: I wanted to share a Powerpoint presentation (in draft form) with
the group.
AidenY: but they almost sound the same, there's a difference in
AidenY: hi Elizabeth, Good morning
DafneG: go ahead, Jeff show your ppt
DennisOl: Tone! How wonderful--but how frustrating for speakers of
non-tone-based languages!
DennisOl: Yes, Jeff. You've piqued our curiosities!
AidenY: i agree, Dennis.
AidenY: Yes, Jeff, please show us.
DennisOl smiles and nods
JeffC: You can view it online (use IE, not Firefox):
AidenY left the room (signed off).
AidenY joined the room.
ElizabethH: Aiden--can you join us in WorldBridges?
IngridBr left the room (signed off).
AidenY: yeah sure, Elizabeth, when is this again?
JeffC: I can share it in the Powerpoint form through or... people can download it at
AidenY left the room (signed off).
AidenY joined the room.
JeffC: I appreciate any and all input...
RutyH: i did and thanks
IngridBr joined the room.
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
RobertWB: Jeff, i am tryiing to load up your ppt.
DafneG: the webcast is about to finish
DennisOl: Jeff: I just browsed through all the slides: very
interesting, very informative. I also bookmarked it (I saw it in OmniWeb, not IE.)
JeffC: One of these days I want to get a program that converts
powerpoint to flash (or something more viewable).
JeffLe left the room (signed off).
AidenY: which webcast is that, Daf?
JeffC hasn't used OmniWeb... did it view ok?
DennisOl: Yes.
JeffC: cool
DafneG: I think there is one application that does that, Jeff, but I
think you have to pay for it
DennisOl: I just saw individual slides, though--not a timed
JeffC nods to Dafne.
JeffC: It's not a timed presentation.
RutyH: what is timed presentation?
DennisOl: I didn't really mean "timed"--I meant I didn't see it as a
slide show. I just viewed individual slides one by one.
JeffC: I've been offered a job teaching online... this is the material
for the course I am going to give.
RutyH: Amy did it last year
DennisOl: It's very good, Jeff. For the course, it would probably be
better to break it into a number of different PPTs, each on a specific
topic, though.
DafneG: Elizabeth, while copying I closed the window and my chat was
not saved :-(
Maggi: looks good Jeff
ElizabethH: I'll grab it, Daf.
DafneG: thanks, eliz
ChristinLo left the room (signed off).
JeffC: Well... the course is only 5 hours... using Placeware. My plan
was to spend the first two hours introducing myself, the presentation,
and getting to know the students. The third and fourth hours would be
getting the students (guessing mostly educators) to use some of the
sites (register at Tapped In, Hilites, etc.), the final hour would be to
get the students to come back with ideas of their own.
DennisOl: Ah, I see. Well, that changes things.
AidenY: are some of you multitasking? split in two places at the same
DennisOl: Your plan seems good!
RobertWB: We are always multitasking....
DafneG: I was in Worldbridges
MaureenN joined the room.
DafneG: and surfing around
RobertWB: UJust finishing up at world bridges.
DafneG: now I am here
AidenY: that was what Elizabeth was talking about earlier
AidenY: I didn't get that
AidenY: is that over?
DafneG: yes, there was a webcast
DafneG: yes it is over
DennisOl: Is there a way a complete Worldbridges transcript can be made
available? Is that what you were referring to, Elizabeth?
DafneG: but you can listen tothe recording, Aiden
RobertWB: Each one of those gets a bit better every time.
ChristinLo joined the room.
RutyH: can we put pictures here?
JeffLe joined the room.
JeffC: Yes Ruty... "image notes"
DennisOl: Thanks, Daf. I'll listen to the recording.
DennisOl: WB, Christin!
DafneG: your announcement page for the WiA-OC was praised by Jeff,
DennisOl: Really?
JeffLe: I'll put a link on worldbridges, if you like.
DennisOl smiles
DafneG: I asked him about a Worldbridges logo..
RutyH: where is the place?
AidenY: whta's the url?
DennisOl: No, don't like it yet, Jeff. It's still in development. It
will be ready soon, though.
DafneG: and he said they are going to have a contest to select a logo
DafneG: well, I will let Jeff talk about their logo

Discussion of Dave Sperling and Dennis

JeffLe: Speaking of praise, I was watching an interview we did with
Dave Sperling a couple of years ago and he had lots of praise for Dennis'
efforts on when asked about his favorite parts of the site.
DennisOl: Aiden: It's
JeffLe: roger that. No link yet.
AidenY: thanks
DennisOl: Jeff: I did a lot of work with Dave when "The Cafe" was being
started. I'm also in touch with him regularly and will probably visit
him this summer.
DennisOl: Aiden: Remember that this is a draft. One part is in the 2nd
revision, another the 3rd, but it's still in development.
AidenY: ok
DafneG: Dennis was also our star student in the TESOL "Teaching
Vocabulary and Grammar Online" course ;-)
DennisOl: Jeff: When Dave first started "The Cafe," he put out a call
for people to serve as a start-up team. I think I was the only one who
DennisOl blushes at Daf's kind words
JeffLe: Interview is at in case anyone would
like to hear the praise directly
DafneG: and we are really happy that he is a webhead now
ElizabethH: Daf--I managed finally to copy the text of the chat. I'll
e-mail it to you and Bob.
DennisOl blushes again
AidenY: how do I click a link, i could not open the link
RobertWB left the room (signed off).
DafneG: thanks, Elizabeth
DafneG: you may have a popup blocker, Aiden
DennisOl: Thanks for the link, Jeff. Have you ever interviewed Dave
RutyH: use shift and the mouse together
BjB . o O ( or hold down ctrl as you click on the link )
DafneG: I think you have to use the ctrl key
JeffLe: No. I think I have a short video of one of his Kotesol
presentations somewhere.
DennisOl: Dave Sh has been active in online ELT for a long time--and is
a frequent presenter at KOTESOL conferences, no?
ElizabethH: I get annoyed with Sperling sometimes--he seems a great
DennisOl: Elizabeth: He isn't.
AidenY: ok, will try
ChristinLo waves goodbye to everyone
DennisOl: But he comes across that way.
ChristinLo left the room (signed off).
DennisOl: You have to understand that he has financed EVERYTHING on his
site himself--and only decided to go (partly) commercial because he
couldn't otherwise afford to offer all the free services.
AidenY: it works but I lost my connection
Maggi: bye Christine
IngridBr: bye everybody
IngridBr waves bye
IngridBr left the room (signed off).
Maggi: bye Ingrid!
DennisOl: Also, Dave Sp is a self-promoter because he has had little
support from academia--though he's had a lot of criticism.
DennisOl: end of sermon
AidenY left the room (signed off).
AidenY joined the room.
DennisOl waves bye to Ingrid
AnnaK left the room (signed off).
ElizabethH: Is he still doing the ESL Cafe, Dennis?
ElizabethH: I'll keep that in mind, Dennis.
DennisOl: The ESL Cafe is best known for its discussion forums and
joblists now, though.
DennisOl: It wasn't intended to be that in the beginning, but that's
what developed over time.
ElizabethH: I should check it out again?
ElizabethH: I have some students in REO who really want to chat, so
maybe the forum there would be the right place for them.
DennisOl: Well, I don't know if anything will change your impression.
But if you understand the reasons for his self-promotion, maybe you'll
see it from another point of view.
Maggi: I arranged for Dave to talk ov er the Internet at our local
teachers confe3rence
Maggi: he was great
DennisOl: The chatroom at Dave's Cafe is usually a safe place for
DennisOl: However, when a lot of teachers are there, the students are
often ignored.
Maggi: I send lots of people who come here there
AmyDw left the room (signed off).
DennisOl: The chatroom is especially good for students when a
participant named "Auntie" is there. She's very good about trying to get all the
student posters involved.
Maggi . o O ( same here )
MaureenN left the room (signed off).
ElizabethH: It's a real art
ElizabethH: I've got to go for now--good seeing you all.
JeffC: Maureen, I just read your post regarding a student with
Aspergers. There is a Special Ed group at Tapped In that you might want to
post it to. Ooops... too late... have to email her.
DennisOl: It was good to chat with you, Elizabeth. I've been an admirer
of yours for a long time!
ElizabethH: Jeff--wee you over in WorldBridges earlier/
ElizabethH: were you?
JeffC: me?
JeffC: or the other jeff?
ElizabethH: Why thank you, Dennis--have we met f2f?
RobertWB joined the room.
ElizabethH: Bob--I just sent you the chat transcript.
AidenY: me too, i've got to go and work on some stuff. Good night all.
DennisOl: Elizabeth: I don
ElizabethH: Bye Aiden--however brief it was fun.
RobertWB: Thanks Eliz, I got it to work anyway, but then I knocked
myself out of Tapped in.
DennisOl: Oops. I don't remember. Maybe. I used to go to TESOL every
DafneG: got it, eliz, thanks
AidenY: bye.
AidenY left the room (signed off).
DennisOl: However, I've known about your work for quite some time.
ElizabethH: Thanks for the tip on the Cafe, Maggi and Dennis--I'm going
to steer some students there.
DennisOl: There are also lots of Student Discussion Boards, Elizabeth.
RobertWB: It's been an interesting morning.
ElizabethH: Are the SL lists still going out of LaTrobe?
DafneG: I am leaving too, need to keep working
DafneG: see you around, folks
DennisOl: Yes, as far as I know, Elizabeth.
RobertWB: Me too Daf,
ChristinaT joined the room.
RobertWB: Daf, did you try to Skype inat Worldbridge.
ElizabethH: Bye, Daf, and thanks for the work on the EVO materials. I
hope to get them all cleaned up by the end of June.
DafneG: not today, Bob, but I have done it before
RobertWB: Ok, I think that is what knocked me off.
DafneG: I have had no prob with skype so far
RobertWB: Bye all.
ElizabethH: Dennis--if there are any other Student Discussion Boards
that you have the address for, let me know.
DafneG: I have been here and in skype
ElizabethH: I'm at
RobertWB: later.
RobertWB left the room (signed off).
DafneG left the room (signed off).
ElizabethH: Hope to see you again in TI--this is quite early for
me.--Bye all!
ChristinaT left the room.
ElizabethH left the room (signed off).

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