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        communication and collaboration

Join these online groups for interactions with other teachers and collaboration on new ways to use technology for language learning (it's the best in-service you'll ever find):

    Real English is homebase for teachers who use video and audio online. Mike Marzio has created an amazing collection of authentic speakers. His site also has a blog and community bulletin board. Get real!

    The Electronic Village Online, a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, offers 6-week sessions on a wide variety of topics every January-February. Join a session for free international professional development. You do not need to be a member of TESOL.

    For archives of annual offerings in media and especially video, see EVO Video Archives.

Media for EFL is group site to store and use copyright-free photos of interest to EFL/ESL teachers.

    Academic Writing is the place to find an array of cyberclassroom-tested composition materials for the college and university student

    • Classes from Taiwan, France, Brazil, and Kuwait have used exercises and maintained blogs for self-evaluation. 
    • If you are a teacher and want to have your class use activities and/or collaborate online with a free e-list, please join this group and contact the moderators.
    • If you are a student, my software, Constructing the Paragraph, is now online at this site for free. Other teachers are contributing to a growing list of software and resources. Feel free to join the group, communicate with other students, and use the software and materials. Constructing the Paragraph is also mirrored in France at Glenys Hanson's English-on-Line site, which also offers many other ESL/EFL resources.

    Learning with Computers, organized by several teachers in South America, begins a new session every six to eight weeks. 

    • Join other teachers learning about new technologies in a friendly, hands-on environment totally online.
    • Also check out their wiki for archived topics.

    Webheads in Action connects technology innovators and experimenters who are teaching in cyber and blended environments

    • Join the Webheads weekly for text, voice, and webcam chats every Sunday at noon GMT. Homebase is Tapped In, a virtual campus for online educators.  To visit my office, join Tapped In and type /enter Comp_for_Ed.
    • See text and images from a recent Webheads presentation at the Tapped In Summer Festival: Festival Chatlog

For the importance of working in a community while teaching online, please see my article:

Communities of practice for pre- and in-service teacher education. 2006. In P. Hubbard & M. Levy, eds., Teacher Education in CALL, pp. 301-315. John Benjamins.  [References and Resources for Building Online Communities of Practice, a Web page to accompany the chapter, is updated frequently.

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