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The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive

This Codie-nominee software contains dozens of activities using every one of the picture spreads from the OPD. Identify the picture on hearing or reading the word, play a Jeopardy-type game, stop the clock, record a role in a little drama, make and print your own flashcards, and write compositions that link your own words directly to the picture dictionary.

The latest edition uses digital art for greater clarity and the dialogues are now recorded as video.
Pedagogical consultant, design team for

Live Action English Interactive: Total Physical Response on the Computer

Based on the TPR scripts from Contee Seeley and Elizabeth Kruizenga's book, this CD provides hours of interaction, including enchanting video, drag-and-drop, cloze grammar narratives, and listening dictation. TPR is more than just commands!

A second disc will be available soon.
See also Live Action Spanish at the CPLI Website.   LAEI.jpg
See how teachers use TPR:

Aiden Yeh in Taiwan:

Dafne González (Venezuela) & Arnold Muhren (Holland) discuss their uses with EFL teachers:
  Let's Get Physical!

Constructing the Paragraph
Award-winning software for academic composition: topic sentences, developing ideas, using transitions, paragraph types; self-access; self-tests in each section.
Middle school-academic-adult ed.

Available for free, online and interactive:Constructing

You can use the Academic Writing Yahoo Group for your classes.

You and your students can join the group to use the files, which also include Constructing the Paragraph, and also use the email system to stay in touch with each other and discuss assignments.

It's free!

Glenys Hanson has made Constructing available at her English Online website also:
Constructing the Paragraph Online

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