Process Learning Goals


In addition to the content learning goals in this course, the equally important process learning goals are as follows:


      Learn to perform competent analysis and to make effective decisions in strategic business situations which often embody varying degrees of uncertainty and ambiguity.

      Learn to tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity while embracing persistence (luck favors the persistent) and striving to formulate creative solutions (Aha! Feeling).

      Learn to work on complex business problems in a team setting.

      Learn to view and utilize the potentially frustrating occurrences in team dynamics as opportunities to build and reinforce your team management skills. In this connection, learn to build your own approach based on positive, creative, and productive criteria.

      Learn to contribute to a cooperative, synergistic, and productive team culture. Learn to support and cooperate with your team members in all aspects of the course including preparation for the three exams.

      Learn to orally present team reports adhering to a persuasive approach (using logos, ethos/source credibility, pathos appeals) to sell the report to your audience.

      Learn to defend your report firmly but not dogmatically. Learn to listen, to keep an open mind, and to learn from others.

      Learn to treat failure in any aspects of this course as a learning opportunity. You will succeed in the long run if you learn to fail intelligently.

      Learn to take responsibility for accomplishing the goals set for this course.