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Cynthia Linville


Archive: 2009-2010

Mananging Editor Convergence an online journal of poetry & art Fall 2008 - Present
Poetry Editor Poetry Now the bi-monthly publication of
The Sacramento Poetry Center
2008 - 2011
Judge College Essay Contest Sacramento News and Review, April 2010
Book Chapter "Editing Line by Line" ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors Boynton-Cook, Revised 2nd Edition, 2009
Panelist Poet Laureate Selection Committee
Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 2009
Photography The American International Rattlesnake Museum, Albuquerque, NM (2 photos) Medusa's Kitchen December 30, 2010
Poetry "Brewing It Up at River City" Poetry Now Nov-Dec 2010
Poetry "Shattering" The Ophidian #1 Winter 2010
Poetry "Me and Us and You" WTF #8 Fall 2010
Poetry "Azrael" & "Patience" & "I dream we are riding the bullet train north" Medusa's Kitchen October 15, 2010
Poetry "Reunion at a Sidewalk Café" Sacramento News & Review "Poet's Corner" October 7, 2010
Poetry "Miller Park" Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly Summer 2010
Poetry "A Minor Mississippi Memory" & "I want that moment back" WTF #7 Summer 2010
Poetry "Lucky Mojo Curio Shop" Medusa's Kitchen July 20, 2010
Poetry "Some things are worth waiting for" Medusa's Kitchen June 23, 2010
Poetry "You Were Gone" Sacramento News & Review "Poet's Corner" June 3 2010
Poetry "Running Out" Sacramento News & Review "Poet's Corner" June 3 2010
Poetry "It all started in Nashville" WTF #6 Spring 2010
Poetry "I need this" Brevities #87 May 2010
Poetry "I found you growing in my garden" Medusa's Kitchen April 26, 2010
Poetry "Who Caught Whom?" Sacramento News & Review "Poet's Corner" March 25 2010
Poetry "Shall We Dance?" Brevities #85 March 2010
Poetry "The Last Road Trip: Imperial Valley" & "Not fried chicken but bourbon" & "Somehow this moonless ride" & "Falling" Medusa's Kitchen February 15, 2010
Poetry "You Cover Me Like Wings" WTF #5 Winter 2010
Poetry "I Chose You" Rattlesnake Review #24 December 2009
Poetry "Here you are on a Sunday morning" & "Nevermore" & "Omens" Sacramento Press Featured Poet November 18, 2009
Poetry "Another Train" WTF #4 Fall 2009
Poetry "Halloween Night in Tahoe National Forest" Medusa's Kitchen October 27, 2009
Poetry "Coming Back to Visit" & "Leaning into the Wind" Medusa's Kitchen October 12, 2009
Poetry "The Sweetest Fruit" Rattlesnake Review #23 September 2009
Poetry "Paradise Lost" Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly Summer 2009
Poetry "Widow's Walk" & "Looking for a Wrong Turn" Sacramento Poetry Art Music August 2009
Poetry "In a past life you were a wizard" WTF #3 Summer 2009
Poetry "Solstice" Medusa's Kitchen June 20, 2009
Poetry "Waiting Room" & "Signs of Departure" & "A Thousand Ways to Say Goodbye" Medusa's Kitchen June 15, 2009
Poetry "Laying on of Hands" Rattlesnake Review #22 June 2009
Poetry "Earth, Air, Fire, Water" Pulverized Diamonds June 7, 2009
Poetry "Grief Hides" & "Snapshots" Cosumnes River Journal May 2009
Poetry "1969: Boyhood" Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly Spring 2009
News Article
About Me
"A not-so-dumb guide to publishers' secrets: Now is a good time to write poetry in Sacramento" Sacramento News & Review May 7 2009
Poetry 3 Haiku (untitled) Medusa's Kitchen April 29, 2009
Poetry "somewhere beyond yourself" & "Fidelity" Rattlesnake Review #21 March 2009
Poetry "Love's Labours Lost" & "I crack open your poetry" & "I curl myself up like a fist" Sacramento Poetry Art Music March 2009
Poetry "How The CEO Stole Christmas: A Dr. Seuss Tribute" Sacramento Bee online March 3, 2009
Poetry "Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk" & "A Formal Affair" Medusa's Kitchen February 27, 2009
Poetry "Rendezvous at Folsom Lake" & "Heat" Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly Winter 2009
Poetry "Dead Kennedys: Bleed for Me" WTF #1 Winter 2009
Poetry "Fidelity" Medusa's Kitchen January 20 2009
Poetry "On the Road" & "Small Craft Warning" & "All is Fair in Love" & "something unsung is mine" Medusa's Kitchen January 19 2009
Poetry "Working on a Commercial Fishing Boat" & "Drum Circle at Antietam" Pulverized Diamonds January 12 2009
Composition Evaluator CBEST, NMTA, CSET, and CTEL for Pearson Evaluations
2000 - Present
Composition Evaluator WPE/WPJ for CSUS 2000-Present

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Cynthia Linville takes full responsibility for the information posted. The information on this page represents that of Cynthia Linville and not that of California State University, Sacramento .
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