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                       Double Effect Solar A/C Schematic


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The solar HVAC system shown has a  70 kW (20 ton), water-fired, double-effect absorption chiller with an array of 106 m2 (1,146 ft2) array of integrated compound parabolic concentrator (ICPC) solar collectors.  The chiller and collector array are part of a complete solar HVAC system that provides air conditioning and space heating for a 743 m2 (8,000 ft2) commercial building in Sacramento, CA.  The other components of the HVAC system are a high temperature storage tank, a cooling tower, a gas-fired back-up boiler and five 14 kW (4 ton) cooling/heating fan coil units.

The solar HVAC system is a hydronic type of installation.  Space heating is supplied directly by hot water that is pumped from the storage tank through the collector array and from the storage to the fan coils.  Air conditioning is provided by a chilled water loop that circulates through the evaporator of the absorption chiller and the fan coils in the building.  The chiller is driven by hot water that is pumped from the storage tank through the high temperature generator in the chiller.

The heated or chilled water is circulated through the coils by small central pumps.  The pumps and fans are turned ON and OFF by an Energy Management and Control System (EMCS).  Additionally, thermostats in each of the five zones control the operation of the fans.  The generator pump and the balance of the HVAC system are operated by the internal controls of the chiller. The high temperature generator has a nominal operating temperature of approximately 150oC (300oF). The supply temperature of the chilled water is between 4 and 10oC (40 and 50oF).  The performance goals are to obtain a collector efficiency of 60 percent at 150 Data are recorded and  an absorption cycle COP of approximately 1.1 to 1.2.

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