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And reintroduce…


The Son, as sons are wont to do, updates and corrects the parent. The duo, the Son riding “marsupialized” in a pocket attached to the Parent’s back, will debut on or about March 1, 2004.

The long out-of-print and unavailable original continues to offer a comprehensive guide to fly-fishing the North Yuba watershed. The Son brings the original into the present, taking note of geophysical changes to the terrain and to the recreational uses and to the amenities offered the visitor.

For list of retail outlets offering the Parent-Son tandem, refer to Buyers' Guide.

All profits from this venture will go to the Sierra County Arts Council.

Retail price of the duo has been set at $15 plus tax and, where applicable, shipping and handling.

For owners of the original book, refer to Buyers' Guide for information on acquiring just the addendum.




Fly-Fishing California’s North Yuba River, and the Son have or have had two purposes: To inform readers about Sierra County’s share of the North Yuba River, and to raise money for charity.

The goal to inform readers certainly owes much to the fact that the authors are retired college professors. That occupational datum may explain why they strayed from the titled topic while venturing helter-skelter, glancingly, and possibly disconnectedly into botany, zoology, local customs, lore and characters, health and welfare tips, and the quirks of miners. Indeed the fly-fishing coverage stuck pretty much to where and sometimes what to use, and steered clear of how. In fact, a big chunk of the original purchasers wouldn’t know a fly rod from a hand saw – then or now.

Charity comes into it this way. The original brought in something over $5K to the scholarship fund established in Doug Michell’s name at CSU, Sacramento. Doug, Ed’s and Bob’s colleague, fishing buddy, and the most hopelessly-addicted-to-fishing member of the trio died in 1990. Using fishing as a vehicle to raise money in his name seemed especially apt. Since CSU, Sacramento doesn’t offer a degree in fishing – Doug was not a fly-fisher, by the way – the money went to psychology scholars. Psychology was Doug’s academic specialty.

The Michell Fund now enjoys robust health so we decided to direct all profits from the sale of the re-issued Father and the Son to the Sierra County Arts Council, an enterprising, struggling, and, with public funding of the arts mostly a faint memory, a direly needy entity. This venture, we hope, will be the trickle that will trigger the tsunami of fiscal support that will see acquisition of the historic Yuba Theater in Downieville. If that doesn’t happen the money will come in handy even so.


In an effort to give the local economy a nudge we’re assigning pride of place to Sierra County entrepreneurs and a few helpful others.

Sierra County

Sierra Hardware,
305 Main St., POB 256
Downieville CA 95936 530-289-3582

Downieville Grocery,
101 Sunnyside Dr.,
POB 570, Downieville, CA 95936

Ruffled Goose
200 Main St., POB 316
Downieville, CA 95936 530-289-3113

Miners Emporium,
221 Main St., Sierra City, CA 96125 530-862-0630

Bassetts Station,
HCR-2, Box 2, 100 Gold Lake Rd., Sierra City, CA 96125, 530-862-1297

Nevada County

Nevada City Anglers,
417 Broad St., Nevada
City, CA 95959 530-478-9301

107 Mill St., Grass Valley, CA 95945 530-272-2131

Sacramento County

Kiene’s Fly Shop,
2654 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821 800-4000-FLY

American Fly Fishing,
3523 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95864 800-410-1222 www.americanfly.com

Bookstore, CSU, Sacramento,
6000 J St., Sacramento, CA 95819 916-278- 6446

For information on acquiring the Son volume alone, contact

E.L. Klingelhofer, Ph.D/The Salmo Press, 2814 Santa Paula Ct., Sacramento, CA 95821 916-485-8454

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