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Welcome to my Hobby Room audio archive project. Files will be placed here for the selected owner to receive as I locate them and make them available. A time window for files placed here will be limited so that only the selected owner will have chance to download files.

During the soler eclipse on Augest 21, I recorded the autio from the national short wave time station WWV using the following radio bellow.

The three audio files were all taken at the same location in Corvallis Oregon. These files have been converted to MP3. I do have the originals as wav files if anyone wants them.

Day time radio audio

Night time radio audio

Umbra time radio audio

The Audio beep waveforms were compared.

The audio is from NIST and WWV at 10Mhz during the times stated in the audio at the coordinate 44.537066, -123.249397 location. The video is posted bellow.

The Audio beep frequency spectrum were compared.

The deltas of the waves were compared.

The deltas of the frequency were compared.

The dead-zone portions of the WWV audio were derived from every second in the locations shown on page 46 in the NIST Time and Frequency Service publication 432 PDF. The 10ms dead-zones before every tick-tock sound was captured throughout a 28 minute time using MatLAB code and put all into a single data set. Absolute value of the Averaging value of the 10ms audio was extracted and plotted for view for every second before, during, and after the eclipse. The plot is shown below. Think of this like the back ground static noise a radio station has when there is dead-air, no audio. The noise can be thought of as the sunís plasma radiating storms. Notice how during the eclipse the average noise amplitude drops in the plot and is shaped like a bowl. Negative seconds on left is count-down time towered the peak of the eclipse and positive seconds on right is time after the peak. The peak time is a green vertical line right at 0 seconds. The total totality time of the eclipse was 94 seconds and can be seen in the orange lines.

MatLAB Code.

Actual 28 minute audio data from WWV.

Space Weather and A and K-indices.

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