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Current course: Spring 2024


Hello! Welcome to my CSC133 webpage. On this page, you will find information about how I teach CSC133 at California State University, Sacramento. Information here may not be up-to-date, but reflecting my recent CSC133 sections. If you are a new student enrolling in this course, you can use it as a reference and decide whether you want to enroll in my class. If you do not like it, you can enroll in other sections by other instructors.

About this Course

Although the official course title of CSC133 is "Object-Oriented Computer Graphics Programming." The primary core of this course is not computer graphics. I believe the title should be "Application Development with Object-Oriented Programming." We designed this programming-intensive course for students to gain experience in having a complete and large-scale application development from scratch. Students will work from reading specifications, designing code, building GUI, creating interactive systems, and finally, code release. It helps students enhance their programming skills, employ learned computer science theory in application development and prepare for their senior projects and future career.

Major Topic

The major topics of my CSC133 include the following:
  1. Object-Oriented (OO) programming language and concept
  2. Software engineering design pattern implementation
  3. Graphical user interface (GUI)
  4. Application input (e.g., mouse, keyboard, gesture) and output (e.g., 2D drawing, audio)
  5. Interactive application techniques
  6. Coordinate system and transformation for display
In this course, we will use Java programming language and Codename One.


In my CSC133, lecture attendance is optional. You do not need to come to my lecture if you feel good. As a programming-intensive course, programming assignments are essential. Students are required to complete all programming assignments to finish this course. Typically, there are four accumulating assignments (i.e., you must finish the previous assignment and then build the following assignment on top of the previous one). No mid-term examination in this course. But we have a final exam. Since programming is an essential skill for computer science students, I will take the programming assignments very seriously. Plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited in my course.

Wanna Add?

If you want to add the course. For Spring 2024, please email me with your transcipt and good reasons why we need to add you. Usually, we have spare seat for students who have special need in this course.