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Software and Consulting for Educational Technology

Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, professor emeritus, California State University, Sacramento
Former director of the TESOL Graduate Program at CSUS

ESL Resources and Information
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  • information and resources in CALL for ESL/EFL
  • software design and quality assurance
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Books, Articles and Conference Presentations
Trace Effects/Language Effects: Scriptwriting for a Language Practice Adventure Game.  Presentation for the CALL IS Academic Session at TESOL Dallas. 21 March  2013.
A Brief History of CALL: Theory and Research. My talk at CALL IS's 25th Anniversary Colloquium, Denver TESOL Convention, 26 March 2009. Original paper from the CATESOL Journal.
Check out the video of my talk at TESOL 2008, NYC, The Effect of Technology on SLA (and vice versa).
Video Online (2005). TESOL Convention,San Antonio, TX, 29 Mar 2005.  Revised and updated 2008 at Authorstream.
See more at my  author's page.

Scoop It / Computers for Education Occasional short articles with information, resources, pedagogy, and teaching tips for using technology.

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Works for the technology-using teacher includes papers, presentations, videos, lesson plans, short articles, et al.

Links to my work:
Trace Effects
, a language practice adventure game created by the U.S. Dept. of State and distributed free world-wide. On CD and online. Learn more and play the game at the American English website.

TESOL tech
TESOL Technology Standards
applicable in a wide range of contexts: ESL/EFL, all age levels, content-based ESP, for online and blended settings with few to abundant  resources. Specific examples for classroom application. Created by a team of experts in CALL and pedagogy.
     See the CALL-IS/LTSIG Conference presentation, TESOL Technology Standards: Why, How, and for Whom.

CE cover
CALL Environments: Research Practice and Critical Issues, 2nd edition
, ed. by Joy Egbert and Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, is an extensive compendium of the latest in tools, activities, and pedagogy.

Learning Languages through Technology
, ed. by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Sarah Rilling. A set of case studies that form the perfect companion to CALL Environments. [Description on ERIC]

Constructing the Paragraph
is online and free for your use. It presents students with exercises and tutorials in academic writing.
My developmental writing students have experienced repeated failures. Now I have to find a way to motivate them to come to this class so that I can work with them....The format and exercises make the writing process more manageable both for teaching and learning. I am grateful. -- Patricia Brooks, Univ of Houston (e-mail 12 April 2007)
Live Action English Interactive
and More Live Action: Total Physical Response
on the Computer. More Live Action appears this spring. Visit the Command Performance publisher's website for more information, workbooks, and manuals. Videos from all the LAEI chapters are found on the CPI YouTube channel. 


The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive is based on the classic adult learner's dictionary. Now in a new edition with video.

. . . and MORE:

Tips, tools, and short lesson plans
for the computer-using teacher

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Real English is beyond a doubt the best English language learning set of tools out there -- and it's free!

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Scoop It / Computers for Education for my occasional articles on useful technology for teaching languages.

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The Teaching Channel - Videos of hundreds of teachers in their classrooms illustrating techniques for K-12 teaching, with discussion questions.
Many selections offer help with translating the U.S. Common Core standards into practical lessons.

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