The conference

Join us for at Sacramento State University on June 11-15, 2018 for a conference concerning vertex operator algebras, number theory, and related topics.


Many topics surrounding algebra, number theory, and theoretical physics will be of focus, including

  • conformal field theory
  • infinite dimensional Lie algebras
  • number theory
  • vertex operator algebras and their representations


The conference organizers are

June 11-15

Sacramento California




Tomoyuki Arakawa


Yusuke Arike

-University of Tsukuba-

Dražen Adamovič

-University of Zagreb-

Katrina Barron

-University of Notre Dame-

Luca Candelori

-University of Hawaii-

Scott Carnahan

-University of Tsukuba-

Chongying Dong

-UC Santa Cruz-

John Duncan

-Emory University-

Cameron Franc

-University of Saskatchewan-

Terry Gannon

-University of Alberta-

Tom Gilroy

-Dublin Institute of Technology-

Richard Gottesman

-UC Santa Cruz-

Robert Griess

-University of Michigan-

Gerald Höhn

-Kansas State University-

Cuipo Jiang

-Shangai Jiaotong University-

Shashank Kanade

-University of Denver-

Winfried Kohnen

-Heidelberg University-

Ching-Hung Lam

-Academia Sinica-

James Lepowsky

-Rutgers University-

Haisheng Li

-Rutgers University-

Christopher Marks

-CSU Chico-

Robert McRae

-Vanderbilt University-

Michael Mertens

-University of Cologne-

Antun Milas


Masahiko Miyamoto

-University of Tsukuba-

Sven Möller;

-University of Tsukuba-

Susan Montgomery

-University of Southern California-

Kiyokazu Nagatomo

-Osaka University-

Siu-Hung (Richard) Ng

-Louisiana State University-

Michael Penn

-Randolph College-

Ozren Perše

-University of Zagreb-

Wissam Raji

-American University of Beirut-

Li Ren

-Sichuan University-

Olav Richter

-University of North Texas-

David Ridout

-University of Melbourne-

Ana Ros Camacho

-Utrecht University-

Yuichi Sakai

-Kyushu University-

Nils Scheithauer

-TU Darmstadt-

Simon Wood

-University of Cardiff-

Nina Yu

-Xiamen University-


A pdf of the schedule can be found here.


  8:30-9:00, Welcome
  9:00-9:50, Chongying Dong -- Vertex operator superalgebras
  9:50-10:20, Break
  10:20-11:10, Jim Lepowsky -- The concept of "motivated proofs" of partition identities---toward the construction of twisted modules for intertwining algebras
  11:10-12:00, Li Ren -- Trace functions for the parafermion vertex operator algebras


  12:00-13:30, Lunch


  13:30-14:20, Robert Griess -- Integral forms in vertex operator algebras
  14:20-15:10, Katrina Barron -- Higher level Zhu algebras and indecomposable modules for vertex opeator algebras
  15:10-15:40, Break
  15:40-16:30, Gerald Höhn -- Lattices and vertex operator algebras
  16:30-17:00, Richard Gottesman -- Vector-valued modular forms on $\Gamma_0(2)$
  17:00-19:00, Recption -- Epicure Restaurant


  8:30-9:20, Cuipo Jiang -- Vertex operator algebras generated by Ising vectors of $\sigma$-type
  9:20-10:10, Terry Gannon -- The truth about finite groups and VOAs
  10:10-10:40, Break
  10:40-11:30, Nils Scheithauer -- A dimension formula for orbifolds and some applications
  11:30-12:00, Sven Möller -- A uniform construction of the holomorphic VOAs of central charge 24 from the Leech lattice VOA


  12:00-13:30, Lunch


  13:30-14:20, Simon Wood -- $N=2$ minimal models at unitary and beyond
  14:20-15:10, Wissam Raji -- Special values of Hecke $L$-functions of modular forms of half-integral weight and cohomology
  15:10-15:40, Break
  15:40-16:30, Dražen Adamovič -- On indecomposable and logarithmic modules for affine vertex algebras
  16:30-17:00, Christopher Marks -- Periods of modular curves and vector-valued modular forms
  17:00-17:30, Luca Candelori -- Modular forms and Jacobians with complex multiplication


  8:30-9:20, Olav Richter -- The skew-Maass lift
  9:20-10:10, Susan Montgomery -- Actions of Taft Hopf algebras and their doubles on matrices
  10:10-10:40, Break
  10:40-11:30, Haisheng Li -- Vertex $G$-algebras and their equivariant quasi modules
  11:30-12:00, Robert McRae -- On the tensor structure of modules for compact orbifold vertex operator algebras


  12:00-13:30, Lunch


  13:30-14:20, Antun Milas -- Coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi forms and characters of vertex algebras
  14:20-15:10, Mashiko Miyamoto -- Griess subalgebras and modular forms of Siegel type
  15:10-15:40, Break
  15:40-16:30, Tomoyuki Arakawa -- Coset construction and quantum geometric Langlands program
  16:30-17:00, Michael Penn -- Permutations orbifolds of the Heisenberg vertex algebra $\mathcal{H}(3)$
  18:00-20:00, Conference Dinner -- Evan's Kitchen and Catering


  8:30-9:20, Kiyokazu Nagatomo -- Modular forms of rational weights and the minimal models
  9:20-10:10, Siu-Hung Ng -- A new family of braided quasi-Hopf algebras and their representation categories
  10:10-10:40, Break
  10:40-11:30, Ozren Perše -- Conformal embeddings and associated vertex algebras
  11:30-12:00, Thomas Gilroy -- Genus two Zhu reduction for vertex operator algebras


  12:00-13:30, Lunch


  13:30-14:20, Ching Hung Lam -- Leech lattice and holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24
  14:20-15:10, David Ridout -- Relaxed modules over affine vertex operator algebras
  15:10-15:40, Break
  15:40-16:30, Scott Carnahan -- Extended Monstrous Moonshine
  16:30-17:00, Michael H. Mertens -- Moonshine in weight $3/2$
  17:00-17:30, Shashank Kanade -- Tensor categories for vertex operator (super)-algebra extensions


  8:30-9:20, John Duncan -- Finite simple groups and number theory
  9:20-10:10, Yuichi Sakai -- Modular linear differential equations in general form
  10:10-10:40, Break
  10:40-11:30, Cameron Franc -- An application of nonabelian Hodge theory to the study of vector valued modular forms
  11:30-12:00, Ana Ros Camacho -- On the Landau-Ginzburg/conformal field theory correspondence


  12:00-13:30, Lunch


  13:30-14:00, Nina Yu -- Fusion products for orbifolds
  14:00-14:30, Yusuke Arike -- $164/5$ and $236/7$
  14:30-, Discussion

Event Partners

Event FAQs

Sacramento State University, Sacramento

6000 J Street, Sacramento CA
Building: Riverside Hall, Room 1015.

The address of location of the conference and also a map can be found below under Location.

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Though earlier is much appreciated!

The registration fee is $65.

To register for the conference, please purchase a ticket at the following site: Link to register.

Students do not need to purchase a ticket.

Unfortunately, we were unable to avoid the added service charge. Additionally, any individuals with financial concerns regarding registering can contact the organizers.

Larkspur Landing

Click here to make a reservation.

Link to website Cost: conference price is $125 (including taxes). Distance from Sacramento State: 1.4mi/2.1km. Information: This hotel is a 30 minute walk along the river to the conference (directions). There is a local bus which leaves every 15 minutes and takes 13 minutes (directions). There are restaurants nearby, but getting to downtown or midtown Sacramento is more difficult.

Booking information: Individual guest reservations can be made with the link above or by calling the hotel directly at 916 -646-1212. Guests need to make reservations on or before May 5, 2018 in order to receive the special room rate. A credit card guarantee is required to secure each reservation and 1 day advance notice is required to cancel a room without penalty of 1st night's room plus tax. Guests, who wish to extend their stay after check in, may do so at the group rate subject to hotel availability.

Hampton Inn & Suites Sacramento at CSUS

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Link to website Cost: conference price is $178.48 (including taxes). Distance from Sacramento State: 1.1mi/1.8km. Information: This hotel is a 20 minute walk to the conference (directions). This hotel is right next to the light rail which can be taken to midtown and downtown Sacramento. There are also restaurants nearby. Parking costs $8.50 per day.

Booking information: Individual guest reservations can be made with the link above. Guests need to make reservations on or before May 5, 2018 in order to receive the special room rate.

Univeresity Dorms

Link to website Cost: conference price is $50 (including taxes, and linens, but no soaps). Distance from Sacramento State: 0mi/0km. Information: These dorms are a 5 minute walk to the conference (directions). One can also eat at the dorms, or walk 20 minutes to various restaurants.

Booking information: Please contact Matt Krauel at for information. Individuals must make reservations by May 10th for the rate, and availability is limited.

Other options

There are other options. Some within 25 minutes walk that are not expensive. Others in more lively areas in midtown Sacramento, which can access Sacramento State by bus or lightrail.

Important travel information if receiving funding

Because funding comes from the National Science Foundation, there are travel requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the travel allowance. Participants must use the most cost-effective means of travel, which means economy class tickets for air travel. Guidelines do not allow reimbursement for insurance, priority boarding, seat selection, economy plus, business class, or first class tickets. Ground transportation, up to a maximum of $200, can also include baggage fees and airport or hotel parking.

Because of the Fly America Act, participants coming from outside the U.S. must purchase a ticket from a U.S. flag carrier (an airline owned by an American company) or an EU (European Union) carrier, unless exempted by one of the following Open Skies Agreements:

  • Participants may use a Japanese carrier as long as the point of origin or destination is an airport in Japan.
  • Participants may use a Swiss carrier as long as the point of origin or destination is an airport in Switzerland. Likewise for Iceland and Norway.
  • Participants may use an Australian carrier as long as the point of origin or destination is an airport in Australia.
These exemptions do not include Canada or Mexico. All flights originating in North America must bear the designation of a U.S. airline. This means that the ticket must show the flight code of a U.S.-based carrier, independent of which company actually operates the flight. Normally this means that the ticket must be purchased from the U.S. airline. Tickets from Air Canada cannot be reimbursed.

Via Air

The easiest option is to fly directly into Sacramento International Airport (SMJ), which is 18 miles (29 km) from Sacramento State University. There is a bus to downtown sacramento whose schedule can be found here (See here for directions). An Uber or Lyft typically costs between $20-30 from the airport, but can vary. From downtown, a light rail and bus system or Uber/Lyft can be used to get to hotels. See below for schedules and details.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 100 miles (160 km) from Sacramento. Renting a car it takes between 1.5-2 hours (see here for directions). Using public transportation one can take BART to the Richmond Station, and from there can take the Capital Corridor Train to Sacramento (see here for directions). The entire trip takes about 3 hours with public transportation. Another option is to take the local transportation from SFO to the CalTrain Station in San Francisco (see here for directions), and from here take a MegaBus to Sacramento (see here for the MegaBus schedule, and where one can purchase a ticket in advance).

Additional airports nearby (within 1.5-2 hours) include Oakland International Airport (OAK), San Jose International Airport (SJC), and Reno International Airport (RNO). Public transportation is possible from these airports.

Within Sacramento

Sacramento has a light rail and bus system as well as many Uber and Lyfts. If you take a train or bus into Sacramento you will be able to access all of these options. Many of these options also connect to Sacramento State campus.

The address of location of the conference and also a map can be found below under Location.

Parking on campus

A Sac State parking permit is required to be displayed while parked on campus. To purchase a 6 dollar full-day (or 3 dollar two-hour) parking permit:

    • When you arrive on campus, pay with cash or credit at any permit machine located in all student parking lots/structures; view the campus map for locations.
    • Sign up for a PayByPhone account and download the app. When you arrive on campus, enter location number "5115" into the app to pay your parking fee.
    Your parking permit is valid in student parking spaces. The closest parking to the conference (Riverside 1015) is Parking Structure 1. Please view driving to campus and the campus map for directions. A printable campus map is also available here (pdf).

On Campus

Some suggestions near along with the limited summer hours of eateries on campus can be found at this link.

Off Campus

Some suggestions near hotels can be found at this link. There are other options as well, and in particular in midtown and downtown Sacramento.


Event Location

Sacramento State University
Riverside Hall
Room #1015